Una Tierra De Amor

Coming to Cuba was much needed especially after this past week full of crazy elections and people in an uproar. This country will humble you and make you quickly appreciate what you do have. The beaches were beautiful and the locals were more than welcoming. The airbnb we stayed in was so authentic and the owner and staff were family by the end of the trip. We had home cooked meals, friendly taxi drivers, delicious mojitos, and no phone service which meant forced unwinding and relaxation. The locals here live a tough life with many having no running water, no washers or dryers, and little resources but that doesn't stop them from waking up every day with a smile and a positive attitude. Every morning we would wake up to a man driving a horse and buggy carrying fruit and singing at the top of his lungs. Every morning we would come down to a table set with an assortment of fresh juices and warm food. We stayed near Varadero, which is known for the beaches, but we ventured 2 hours away to Havana as well. Havana was bustling with life and people were roaming the streets and music filled the air. We of course sipped mojitos and browsed the assortment of goods for sale. Dogs were everywhere, kids were playing, and adults were hustling away. The old cars that zipped by were so incredible to see. The cobblestone streets and colorful buildings were so captivating and the food here was comforting. We ate at a house off this windy road that had an amazing backyard that was turned into a restaurant. I devoured shrimp in tomato sauce, a mojito (of course), and beans with rice. To me Cuba didn't feel like a vacation, it felt like a second home. The day we were leaving I quickly realized these people who serviced us weren't strangers they were family. We promised to come back to see them and thanked them for taking care of us. I will forever have a place for them in my heart. If you want an authentic place with an amazing host and staff, please check out Dainerys's airbnb link! 


Enviando mi amor a Cuba