How I met my Fiancé

It was an afternoon in late January of 2014 where me and my sisters decided to see some Nicholas Sparks movie in theaters. The movie had been out for a while so no one was really in the place. We started watching the movie & I kept crying and telling my sisters "thats it! I don't wanna die alone! I am getting on damn MATCH.COM!" I sometimes can be quite dramatic but I was fed up with feeling like the only place to meet a decent guy would be the nearest Lowes or Home Depot. (I would never step foot in those places because they are scary and confusing) The movie finished up & I immediately went home and signed up for a 3 month MATCH subscription. I had been on this site once before and it didn't last long because there was always weirdos in my inbox BUT I had hope so I said why not try again. Anyways, first day was nothing but people who had nothing in common with me but SOMEHOW got paired up with me. I was bored and it was entertaining so I decided to just scope out some other people. On day 2 I came across ITSCEETEE and a few others "randos" but for some reason this ITSCEETEE guy stuck out to me. I literally sat on his page for hours debating on whether I should mother fucking "WINK" or not (its so embarrassing to be like hey babe let me send over a friggin wink.) I went through his photos over and over. I read his profile over and over. He was new to Dallas like me and what really made me say "screw it i'll man up and initiate this" was the fact that he was a musician (thats cool and hot and I love music) & he had a photo where I could see a subtle tattoo on his arm. OMG I KNOW, so shallow, but whatever I like what I like and honestly your photos and how well you write on your profile is all you have on these sites. SO now I wait like a creep hoping this wink doesn't scare him away. A day later and I get a message from this guy with the subject "introductions are tough"....(I think I am already in love says the hopeless romantic in me.) He goes on introducing himself, we chat about how we ended up in Dallas, we laughed, we shared our favorite bands, we talked about my tattoos, and then he called me cute!!! Hallelujah! Flash forward to our first date. Dumb Ashlee just tells this CHARLIE guy to come to her apartment because ya know thats safe. I call my best guy friend, Jake, to tell him I have a REAL date & that if I don't talk to him later tonight to call in the police. He also advises me to have a knife on hand so my first intro to Charlie was "hey what sup, you don't look like a killer! but just in case I have a knife" WELL if that didn't scare him away I don't know what else would. So lets just talk about what I was wearing for a moment. I decided that for some reason this wasn't a huge deal so I didn't need to get to pretty because he should like me for me. So I wore a sloppy bun with a basic long dress and barely any makeup. When I walked down to let him in my apartment he was like AGAZILLION times better looking than his photos he put up (yes he was cute in his photos but they didn't do him justice.) I literally wanted to slap myself! We walked up and sat on my couch and I quickly introduced my cats.... OOPS. We talked about all sorts of things right away like his epilepsy, my diabetes, our love of cats (according to him I told him on the first date that I dress my cats up and put them on a leash BUT I don't believe that because thats normally date 5), what we liked, what we didn't like, how the jacket he wore was handmade by him, how he came from NYC, about my crazy family, and it went on and on. After 4 hours of talking and forgetting to eat dinner, we called it a night at 2 am and I sent him on his way. He was super nervous and the goodbye was awkward so I wasn't betting on a text the next day or week. Next day rolls around and BOOM "good morning" from Charlie!!! Holy shit was this real. A guy who actually has manners and isn't going to play mind games. We continued to have fun, explore Dallas, and travel. He met my crazy family and they loved him instantly. I moved in to his apartment after 5 months and then shortly after that we got a house! Things moved quickly and life was amazing. I met his mom (in which he told me I would know immediately if she liked me or not) and "like" is an understatement, we LOVE each other. Everything fell in to place like it was suppose to. All the horrible things in my past were meant to happen because they led me to Charlie. Me seeing that awful sappy movie led me here. I will never forget sending a text to my family saying this is the guy I am going to marry after 1 week (partially as a joke and partially not) and them laughing at me. Every day since the day we met I received a text. Every day I have seen him or gotten some kind of hello from him. Every day led me one step closer to him becoming my future husband. It was so effortless and it felt like I had known this guy forever. He understood me and had the same interests. We could make each other laugh & make each other feel better when we cried. We have seen a lot of the world together and we plan on seeing so much more. NEVER in a million years would I have thought that me "WINKING" at someone on an online dating site would have the outcome that it has. I am not saying you are going to find your prince or princess on match, e-harmony, tinder, or okay cupid but I am saying have hope. Take a leap of faith and have confidence in yourself. When you are least expecting something great, something great might just happen! It is now January 2016 and we are preparing for our Santorini wedding in June, we are moving back to NYC in late summer, and we have so much ahead. Whether it be a lame Nicholas Sparks movie or a friend telling you to try, never give up on finding someone that sticks with you after carrying a knife around on the first date and loves your freakish obsession with cats. Thanks MATCH.COM for NOT pairing me with ITSCEETEE but making me grow some balls. 





VINTAGEVIXEN3 (yes I thought picking the username that sounded the most like an old whore was a good idea)