London Calling

Going to London was a first for me & we happened to luck out with some pretty awesome weather. This city reminded me a lot of a cleaner and more quiet NYC. Tons of high-end retail shops filled the streets and quaint doorsteps were around every corner. People were super friendly and food was delicious. We were meeting up with friends in London for the Spectre James Bond premier which added to the excitement of being here. The changing of the guards was a scene to say the least and the fish and chips were on point! Harrods was probably the most ridiculously humungo jumbo high-end department store I had ever seen. We frequented Tom Ford and sipped on champagne ( since thats one of the main lines worn in James Bond ) and our friends did some interviews with the shops that provided attire for the movie, which was super entertaining. We drank cocktails at the Playboy Club, rode in cute little taxis, and ate A LOT of desserts. We did touristy things but I also enjoyed doing more local unknown adventures. Next time I am over on that side of the world, we will be taking a tour of the country side which everyone says is absolutely incredible. Thanks London for the good times & new friendships!