Honey That Cures

I recently stumbled upon some honey that is suppose to be fabulous for the body. I love anything natural that is said to have healing properties so I thought I would give this a try. Manuka honey is the formal name and it definitely comes with a higher price than normal honey. There is also a rating system and you want to make sure you get the certified Manuka honey from New Zealand with at least 15+ as a rating because anything below that is said to have less benefits. I got online, found the one I wanted, and immediately put some in my tea upon arrival. The taste is slightly different than regular honey but still delicious! Let me step back for a second and tell you that this need for something healing was because I had some indigestion issues and I was feeling like I could possibly have low stomach acid so this was recommended. I am not one more gimmicks but this REALLY does work and fast! I take a tablespoon everyday in my tea. Its as simple as that. Its been 2 weeks now and my indigestions/low stomach acid is gone. Manuka honey isn't just for stomach problems though. This honey has several other health benefits and I thought I would compile a list for you guys. Below is a summary of what this wonderful natural honey can do for you:

1. indigestion/acid reflux

2. low stomach acid

3. anti-viral

4. anti-bacterial


6.wounds & scrapes (applied topically)



I may not be a doctor but I think this is something everyone should keep in there pantry. Why not try something natural that could help with so many problems. It may not work for everyone but speaking from experience it has been an amazing product.


Stay Happy & Stay Healthy,

Ashlee Rose